Prolonging Curb Appeal with Exterior Paint Maintenance

We all love the look and feel of a fresh paint job done right with good quality paint. Maybe you hired a local professional painter or did the job yourself. What do you do after the paint is finally dry?

Most people wait 10-20 years before putting anything more into such a large investment. And, quite frankly, it shows. The paint and caulking on the exterior of their home or office building start to blister, peal and/or crack. Or, spider webs take over the eaves giving them a dreary and uninviting presence.

We have good news for you: it doesn’t have to be this way!

Solutions for aging paint: Planning regular paint maintenance

If you spruce up your home’s exterior paint once a year, you can get more from your painting investment. Creating a preventative maintenance plan can help you reduce future repair costs from failing paint and caulking. For example, fixing caulking around a window could prevent the need to replace the window seal or the window, as a whole.

What does a Specialized Painting & Remodeling preventative maintenance plan include?

Generally, our preventative maintenance plan is comprised of cleaning painted or cement surfaces, including driveway and walkways, with a pressure washer and detergent to remove dirt, grime and mildew. Touch-up paint is then applied to any areas where paint comes loose from pressure washing. We then inspect and replace caulking where necessary and inspect for fading or chalking paint.

After these treatments and inspections are complete, our professional painters advise the home or building owner of any further necessary action to rejuvenate their exterior paint job.

Why choose Specialized Painting & Remodeling for paint repair and maintenance?

We know what to look for. With more than 30 years of experience in the painting industry, we are more than qualified to maintain your home and office’s exterior (and interior) paint. Furthermore, we have the right equipment to be effective and efficient.

Say you compare two homes or offices that were painted at the same time; one home has had yearly maintenance updates and the other home has not been maintained. In 10 years, the building that was regularly maintained will have a relatively similar appearance to when it was first painted. The home that was not maintained will look deteriorated. Wouldn’t we all want to have our home or office looking it’s best?

A professional paint job says a thousand words

Friends, family and customers notice your building or home’s façade. Maybe they don’t say anything, but they notice. Give Specialized Painting & Remodeling a call today to set up a free Preventative Maintenance plan evaluation. We can help you keep your exterior paint looking its best longer.