Spring Means Painting and Maintenance Season in Oregon!

It’s Spring in Eugene, Oregon, and you know what that means: Spring Cleaning! Though we might have already forgotten about the snowy days and torrential rains, damaged paint, missing roofing, and decks that had rough encounters with falling branches tell the tale. The Willamette Valley’s temperamental weather can be very unkind to your biggest investment. When it’s time to pick up after a particularly wild Winter, Specialized Painting & Remodeling is here to help.

In our climate, your paint can take a beating. Rapid heating and cooling expand and contract your paint, eventually causing cracks and peeling. Moisture intrusion only makes the problem worse, meaning houses that go too long without exterior paint repair while being continually basted in Oregon weather end up sustaining serious damage. Your house is a weather-proof system, and your exterior house paint is the first line of defense.

But what if the damage is more that paint-deep? Rain is not the only thing that can come crashing into your house during a storm. Tree damage, broken windows, peeled siding and more can all result from foul weather. When your house has been damaged in a storm, you need help from a licensed contractor. Also, when your house needs to be painted, you also really want a licensed contractor, because the only thing worse than peeling paint is hiring a guy who takes your money, quits half way through, and then disappears.

Here at Specialized Painting & Remodeling, we have been repairing storm damage for more than 15 years in the Eugene/Springfield area. We are a trusted name in storm damage repair, and we stand behind our work. We know what it takes to beat back the onslaught of Spring in Oregon and live to face another glorious, smoke-free summer. We’ll repair what’s broken, and even build some new things if you want. Call us today for a free estimate!